Screencast: Install Your Own WordPress Blog

A friend of mine, and fellow Florida Creative, Lawrence Salberg, created this video screencast showing you how to install your own WordPress blog. He does a good job explaining the difference between and the Self-Hosted software available at, and then gets into the nitty gritty of getting the software up and running quickly. Enjoy!

Video after the jump…
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In The Loop

This morning I checked in the initial version of a new plugin: In The Loop. This one generated from a request I got from a user of another plugin of mine, K2 Hook Up. Since the K2 Hooks don’t extend into ‘The Loop’ the part of the WordPress theme that loops over all the posts to display your blog entries, he still couldn’t fully liberate his theme from all of his modifications.

So in between bites of left-over turkey and pie, I coded up this solution over the long Thanksgiving weekend and released it this morning.

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One plugin inspires another

You gotta love the GPL.

All of the code I release is done so under the GPLv3 license, including my WordPress plugins. Because of this, my K2 Hook Up plugin inspired a very similar plugin for the premium theme, Thesis. This is why I love open source. I’m free to copy and paste and tinker and hack. So when I’m fortunate to offer up my own code for others to use, its a great feeling to have it in turn inspire another’s tinkering.

But its an even better feeling to receive a very nice complement on your contributions:

I’m very grateful for your plugin, Eric! Seems like whenever I try to do admin panel stuff, it’s so complex, leading to surrender on my part. Your plugin was very well written — elegant in its simplicity, as they say — and helped me learn some stuff! – Rick Beckman

Its interactions like this that really do make it all worthwhile.

K2 Hook Up v1.0

I have just committed a major update to my K2 Hook Up plugin. As soon as I released my plugin—which allows smart people using the K2 theme to insert arbitrary HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code into any of the 7 custom template hooks that K2 provides—I got the same question: When will it support inserting PHP code?

I’m happy to report that its day has come, and that day is today.

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FlareSmith v0.9 and Plugin Competition Update

I updated FlareSmith, my WordPress plugin that helps you integrate FeedFlare and FeedBurner stats into your WordPress blog without having to edit your theme files, yesterday. Version 0.9 added an option to include the FeedBurner javascript snippet below every post on the site, instead of just on the Single page (full blog post). This way, when your posts are listed on the homepage or in other lists, the FeedFlare will show. You’ll want to keep this option turned off if you aren’t using FeedFlare on your site, and just want FeedBurner Stats, as FB Stats are only set to record hits to the individual posts, and not the archive or homepage of your blog. I also cleaned up the documentation some, and am preparing the plugin for i18n. I already have a couple of volunteers for Spanish and Turkish, but if you’re interested in helping to translate the FlareSmith plugin – let me know.

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