Air App: WordPress comment moderation

There is a new Air app coming which should delight any WordPress user. It is going to bring Comment moderation out of the dashboard and your email and into an app that you can monitor and respond to quickly and easily. This is going to be HUGE. Its not out yet, but it will be soon. And because its an Adobe Air app, it will be cross platform out of the box.

On launch it will be missing a few features that I hope the developer, Daniel Dura, will consider adding:

  • Support for Multiple Blogs, since I don’t think you can run multiple instances of the same Air app at the same time. Besides who would want to?
  • The ability to reply to a comment thread, instead of just moderation. This may mean adding support for unmoderated comments as well.
  • A GPL / Open Source license. Can a geek dream?

Read more about it on his blog.

No, really. Patch your DNS.

“First, take the advisory seriously—we’re not just a bunch of n00b alarmists, if we tell you your DNS house is on fire, and we hand you a fire hose, take it.” Sage advice from Paul Vixie on the recent DNS Cache Poisoning exploit. Many systems remain unpatched, even though this security vunerability is critical and should be addressed immediately.