Screencast: Install Your Own WordPress Blog

A friend of mine, and fellow Florida Creative, Lawrence Salberg, created this video screencast showing you how to install your own WordPress blog. He does a good job explaining the difference between and the Self-Hosted software available at, and then gets into the nitty gritty of getting the software up and running quickly. Enjoy!

Video after the jump…
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Managing Multiple Drupal Sites with SVN

You’re a smart and handsome developer and as such you utilize a source control solution in your work. Your work focuses on the excellent Drupal platform, and as such you have multiple Drupal sites that you manage for yourself as well as your clients. Storing each site in its own repository is good, but storing your commonly used modules in a central repository and pulling them into each site via svn:externals is better. This talk will show you how.
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In The Loop

This morning I checked in the initial version of a new plugin: In The Loop. This one generated from a request I got from a user of another plugin of mine, K2 Hook Up. Since the K2 Hooks don’t extend into ‘The Loop’ the part of the WordPress theme that loops over all the posts to display your blog entries, he still couldn’t fully liberate his theme from all of his modifications.

So in between bites of left-over turkey and pie, I coded up this solution over the long Thanksgiving weekend and released it this morning.

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One plugin inspires another

You gotta love the GPL.

All of the code I release is done so under the GPLv3 license, including my WordPress plugins. Because of this, my K2 Hook Up plugin inspired a very similar plugin for the premium theme, Thesis. This is why I love open source. I’m free to copy and paste and tinker and hack. So when I’m fortunate to offer up my own code for others to use, its a great feeling to have it in turn inspire another’s tinkering.

But its an even better feeling to receive a very nice complement on your contributions:

I’m very grateful for your plugin, Eric! Seems like whenever I try to do admin panel stuff, it’s so complex, leading to surrender on my part. Your plugin was very well written — elegant in its simplicity, as they say — and helped me learn some stuff! – Rick Beckman

Its interactions like this that really do make it all worthwhile.

Automate Setting Up New SVN Repositories

If you follow best practices for Subversion, then you create the standard repository layout, with trunk, tags, and branches directories. In fact these are usually my first three commits of any new repository. I’ve completed these steps so many times in the last few months, that I can practically type it in my sleep. Tired of repeating myself, I started digging into shell scripting to automate this task and released the fruits of my labor here: SVN: New Repos.

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Introducing FlareSmith

For the past few weeks I’ve been quietly tinkering on a new section of the ol’ xentek homestead, and I’m happy to report that the efforts are starting to bare fruit. In other words, I’ve been scratching a few itches, and have released the results under the GPLv3. The first one out of the incubator is FlareSmith. a WordPress plugin to integrate the FeedBurner Stats and FeedFlare services into your blog – without having to edit your theme.

This plugin was the result of using the K2 theme framework for most of my WordPress sites. I got tired of having to remember to patch theloop.php each time I wanted to upgrade K2. By developing a simple content filter, I could insert the small JavaScript snippet that powers the FeedBurner Stats and FeedFlare integration with your self-hosted blog.

The plugin is available here, and is also hosted at the WordPress Plugins Database – to take advantage of the new plugin upgrade functionality in 2.5.


P.S. I entered the plugin into a competition. Stop by and vote for me if you get a chance.

Reddit Goes Open Source

When we say ‘open-source’ we mean specifically that the code behind reddit is available to the public for download, and we’re inviting the public to submit code to help improve the site.

Laughing Squid has been all over this. And TechCrunch is already running it. The best bit is the logo on their trac instance:

Someone Better Fixxit

But other than the “free” bug fixes, I can’t really see what greater good this is going to bring to the world or their organization. Don’t we have enough news voting sites? I guess Reddit doesn’t think so. This would have been bigger news a year ago.

Have some unique ways to use reddits source code? Then post them in the comments.