Posty Widget

A custom plugin that will display dynamic text from the values you enter in special custom fields on a post inside of a WordPress Widget.

Add any text you want as the value of the ‘posty’ custom field and it will show up in this widget. Title the widget with the ‘posty-title’ custom field. It only works on single posts.

Download Posty Widget Plugin

4 thoughts on “Posty Widget

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  3. hi i’d like to know how i can use Posty widget,
    i want write something inside a post and i want to see y a widget text Posty widget..
    i don’t know the necessary code to do this…

    • Carlos,

      So the way this plugin works is like this:

      1. Once activated you’re going to get a new widget type. Add this widget to one of your theme’s widget areas that shows on a post template.
      2. Now to get content to show in that widget you need to add custom fields to your post. This is done via the custom fields metabox, which you may have to turn on via the “Screen Options” tab near the top of the post editor.
      3. Enter a new custom field with the name of posty. The value can be any content you want.
      4. If you want to have a title on your widget, then enter another new custom field with the name of posty-title. The value will be a string.

      Let me know if you still have any more questions. You may find the FAQ here helpful too:

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