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Not all plugins provide a way to automatically attach code before or after the post content. Or you might have some other HTML, CSS or JavaScript you’d like to include with every post. Now’s your chance. With In The Loop you can easily add any code you like to your posts and pages, and not have to do any messy edits to your theme files either.

The plugin provides an options panel with two input boxes. One is for content you want to appear before your post, the other for after it. Each box comes with a set of options to control whether to show it on Teasers, Single Posts, Pages, The Feed and whether or not to execute PHP. Please note, that your PHP code must be syntactically correct as well as echo any content you want shown in order to function properly.

Download In The Loop Plugin

30 thoughts on “In The Loop

  1. Hi Eric,


    I’m going away for a few days to Madang (Nth. Coast of Papua New Guinea) and will test your new plugin on my return.

    I am thinking that between this plugin and K2 Hook I might be able to remove all my customisations out of the theme php files.

    Will let you know when I get back.



    • DB is not a pbolrem, files is the big pbolrem. and it is not my plugins to add actions and hooks to it but they have classes. I think i can extend it but i am not that good with OOP yet. Mar 12 at 12:56

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  3. thanks for this plug-in. it’s almost exactly what i need. do you think it would be possible to modify it to display different content on each post? i’m willing to help or pay.

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  10. Hi: I followed a link to your site. You are very knowledgeable. I have no idea what you said, but I like it!!!! LOL!

    OK… I’m not a techie, but I want to be…..

    Thanks for this post.

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  12. hi there
    i just installed the plug-in so that i can make another plugin work.

    thing is, when i go to configure the plugin, i get a 404 error.

    Please help!

    This is the code i want to place above the post once your plugin works:

    • There are two ways to get to the plugin configure page:

      Clicking the link on the plugins page.
      Clicking the menu item on the left, under Settings.

      Which one isn’t working for you?

      Also, if you could tell me the actual URL in your address bar that is 404ing, It may provide a clue as to what might be breaking. You can paste that to me privately by email if you’d prefer.


  13. Hi,

    I´m training to display custom fields but I can´t.
    If I introduce something like:

    It is not displayed, however if you introduce:


    It display the content correctly…

    Do you know why I can´t display custom field values on the content?

    Many thanks

    • mmmm…
      I was training to write some code but the filter don´t allow me.
      I hope you understand without the examples.

  14. Hi I am using this plugin in few of my sites. I have configured not to add the script to rss feed in the panel. However when i see the xml of the feed. I could see the scripts added.

    To reproduce this
    1) configure not to add to the feed in the settings page.
    2) show full content in the feed in the general settings of wordpress.

    thank you for an excellent plugin. In my experience with plugins, No other plugin is closer to what it does for configuring the scripts.

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