Flare Smith

FlareSmith is a plugin to integrate the FeedBurner Stats and FeedFlare services into your WordPress site – all without having to edit any of your theme files!

It acts as a content filter, and adds the required javascript to your site after the output of your original content. It plays well with others (like other content filters), and works quite nicely with the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin. In fact, I choose the name of my plugin as an homage to FeedSmith.

Download FlareSmith Plugin

Options Page

Flare Smith - Options Page

This plugin should be considered beta software. It is currently in use on a number of blogs I manage, including this one, and so far there have not been any issues caused by its use – nor do I expect there to be any.

If you need support, just post a comment below.

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  5. Hello,

    A question here. Can I allow feedflare to appear beneath the posts at my homepage besides showing up at the Feedburner page? Is this plugin suppose to allow feedflare to show up in the feedburner page only?


  6. Before release, this is how it worked. I changed it, because FeedBurner stats aren’t set up to record homepage hits, since there isn’t really an item in the feed that corresponds to the homepage URL. However, it will be easy for me to add an option that allows to turn this on and off. I imagine that you want the FeedFlare to show below each post on that page, which is a scenario I don’t personally use – which is why I didn’t think to add it.

    I am working on the plugin today, and will put this in. Look for an update later this evening.


    - Eric Marden

  7. Hi Bran,

    I’m happy to report that I have added the feature you requested, and you can update to v0.9 of the plugin to enjoy it.

    Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

    - Eric Marden

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  10. Will you be updating the script to be compatible with the new URL for burned feeds?

    If you have updated your account, Google is now hosting Feedburner, but they haven’t fully migrated everything yet. In the meantime, new feeds that are burned (or if you have to switch like I did to enroll in the new AdWords Feed that replaced the FeedBurner ad system) aren’t hosted at http://feeds.feedburner.com/FEEDNAME

    Now it’s:


    And as it is set-up now I can’t use it.


  11. Hi David K.,

    I’ve looked at this, and was able to create a feed with this new URL. However, it doesn’t seem that the FeedFlare script is working on their end… I get a 404 for the feedflare link:


    But when I look at one with the old school URLs, I get the expected output:


    It doesn’t seem like I can get around this, or a way to file a bug with FeedBurner/Google.

    I will work on supporting the new URL, but it won’t do anything until they fix the issue on their end.

    - Eric Marden

  12. Hi David,

    Thing is you can’t get to the /~s/ directory, which stores the feedflare script that they insert into your page. This link should be a small snippet of javascript code:


    Like this is:


    I’ll have my changes rolled out tonight, but until the /~s/ directory stops 404-ing there isn’t much I can do to make it work.

    Hopefully Google is aware and its on their radar for stuff they have to do to finish absorbing FB into their system.

    - Eric Marden

  13. David – I’m happy to report that v0.15 supports Adsense enabled feeds, and includes a number of other improvements.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    - Eric Marden

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  15. please forgive my ignorance. I installed, added feedburner ID, checked box and selected the correct format and clicked save options.

    Now what?

    Can you clue a relative feed newbie into where to look for “intergating feedburner stats” into my site?

  16. Hi Bill,

    If you have a FeedBurner account, which it seems you do, and have turned on stats collection in your FeedBurner account settings (Analyze > Configure Stats) then that is all you need to do.

    Stats are only collected when the traffic originates from your feed, as it requires passing through special FeedBurner URLs and landing on your site to be counted.

    One way of checking is to navigate to one of your posts on your site, and view source in your browser. Then using the Find command (CTRL+F or CMD+F in most browsers) look for ~s. This is part of the snippet of javascript that is inserted. I just checked your halfwaytoconcord site and you have the FeedFlare snippet installed correctly. Congrats!

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Eric Marden

  17. Hello.
    I have 2 problems.

    The first problem is this: Why does your plugin does not read correctly my CC license? I have the license generic 3.0 and instead your plugin displays Italian 2.5.

    Second problem: Because if I did not select some parameters on the site of feedburner (Section feedflare), on my site, however, appear all?
    The problem I reflected only on my web site and not on feed.
    Thanks for your help

  18. Is there a way to get the tracking code displayed for the current page? I look forward to my home page hits in the Site Stats Pro, but your plugin appears to only display the script at the bottom of each post. For now, I have checked the FeedFlare on the Home page box, but that doesn’t seem like the right solution.

    In the directions for Site Stats and WordPress, they have you add the script to your index.php and single.php for the default theme, but this looks like there’s just one place to add it…?

    In short, I want my homepage hits to be tracked, and FB supports it, but I don’t know how your plugin communicates that.

  19. All kinda issues here.

    First off, I clicked the option to NOT show the feed flare on my pages. I just wanted to use it for stats. It ignored me and did so, anyway.

    Second, while showing the items, it did not show the items I selected.

    Third, while showing the feedflare links on the comments page, these got picked up in the feed and my feed showed TWO bands of flarefeed.

    I pulled it off the site cause it wasn’t playing nice. I have one of my selections (add to many) in its place.

    I am using three column cutline for the theme, v 2.6.3 of Word Press, and Feed Smith. I tried both the branded version and the old school version for the feed name, but everything remained the same.

    When you have time to look at it, email me and I’ll reinstall the plugin. Don’t want to leave it up because of the issues it causes in the feed.

  20. Merrill,

    #1 is controllable in your FeedBurner account settings (Optimize > FeedFlare). Sadly, they use the same mechanism to deliver the stats functionality as the FeedFlare widgets, so it will print those to the screen if you insert the FeedBurner snippet into your theme, with or without my plugin. There is nothing I can do about that, sorry.

    #2 seems to be a bug with FeedBurner.

    #3 is definitely a bug on my end, and is due to the way I’m inserting the snippet. I will filter it out for the feeds or find another way to insert it. I’ll address this, and a couple of the other issues posted above in my next release.

    Thanks for trying it out and letting me know about the issues you ran into. It goes a long way to helping make this plugin that much better.

    - Eric Marden

  21. I did some other playing around.

    Went to FeedFlare at the Feed Burner site and clicked all options off for showing on the website and left them on for showing on the feed.

    Got the java code for use on Word Press. It used the old school version instead of the branded option of the address.

    Put that code in the footer.

    Now, stats are back to working and the FeedFlare links do not show on the website. Since I use just one post per page, I can get away with this for now.

    I am using the original feed burner as they have not forced me to go to the proxy yet. I am wondering if the ~s was the reason that it never showed my personal selections for use. I had a different set of selections when I started as a blogger blog and changed them when I moved over to wordpress. Flare Smith never picked up those changes but stayed with the original choices on the website. The feed showed the new stuff.

    Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it!

    Will try the new version when it is posted. I have left feed smith in the inactive status so the update should show on my dashboard.

  22. Hey there Eric,

    well I would like to say that is plugin is awesome but I don’t quite understand what its suppose to do really. I’ve activated it and gone to the options setting to enter my unique feedburner account name and I already added my feedburner stats in my index.php file.

    So is there something that I’m supposed to see, or does it work behind the scenes? and How do I check to make sure it works? and where?

    not that tech savvy… thanks!

  23. Rhea,

    This plugin is intended to keep you from integrating the code into your theme files directly, but still be able to use FeedFlare and FeedBurner stats. If you had followed the instructions on FeedBurner.com for FeedFlare or Stats, you won’t really need this plugin. If you want to keep using the plugin, you can, but you’ll want to back out any edits you made yourself to index.php, etc.

    Let me know if you need anything else, and thanks for stopping by to comment!

    - Eric Marden

  24. Thank you so much for the help with this. I know at some point I would like the assistance of a wordpress tech.

    My feedburner is finally generating some live hits but I still added this plugin and edited the index.php (oopsie). I would like to build more of an online community for my blogsite and I don’t know how. So I figure that if I can at least track the live hits I’ll know what they are interested in and cater it to that.

  25. Rhea,

    You’re welcome!

    You should also sign up for Google Analytics, which is also free. There are a bunch of plugins that will help you integrate it into your site, like FlareSmith does, and will give you even more information about your visitors than FeedBurner will.

    Good Luck! Just write good content, tell your friends, and the visitors will come.

    - Eric

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  30. Hi Eric!

    Firstly, thanks for the great plugin! It was exactly what I’ve been looking for but I seem to face problems with it. I’ve copied the unique feed ID and address but it seems that my posts still look the same without any changes. Could you perhaps help me out, perhaps show me where I could copy the script manually? Thanks!

    • If you take a look at the source code on one of your posts and search for: “/~s/” (without the quotes) it should reveal the feedburner snippet my plugin adds. This is the first step of the process.

      You must login to your FeedBurner account for the rest. Be sure to enable stats for the tracking and set up your On Site FeedFlare for it to add links below the post.

      Let me know if there is anything more I can do.

      - Eric

      • Thanks for the speedy reply! I checked the single post (single.php) and there is no “/~s/” to be seen. What else can I look out for? I’ve activated the plugin. Actually I’m not sure what my feedburner address should be. Should it be old school, new school or my brand? Should I copy the original feed address or http://feeds2.feedburner.com/occidentalism2007 as per my feedburner ac details? Thanks!

    • I just reread your reply and noticed something… are you looking in the single.php file for ~s or in the rendered page in your browser (with view source)? It is the latter that I meant originally.

      Let me know.


  31. Eric-
    I love the plug-in. I installed it and it was working fine. Today, when I looked at the blog, it was not showing. I looked at the underlying source code for the page and it looks just like the code that is provided by Feedburner. Any ideas? I have replicated the missing line in Firefox, Chrome and IE.

  32. Hi,

    I’ve got this plugin working on my blog (thanks!) but I’d like to edit the HTML formatting of the links shown for the flares, i.e “Email This”.

    Basically, i’d like to reduce the font size, and maybe even replace the link words with icons.

    Where can i find the code that controls this?


  33. Hi Eric! I’ve been using FlareSmith for a couple of months now and it’s been really great with K2. Odd thing though, I’ve updated to WP 2.7.1, and new posts after that would show up without the FeedFlare items. I’m really not sure if this is because of the upgrade to the new WP version, or the migration of my feed from FB to Google. Please advise. Thank you!

    • I’ve heard of some odd things happening after the switch from FB to Google, and am still investigating the issue.

      However, if your feed address has changed because of the switch, then you may need to update the FlareSmith options. Use the MyBrand settings to set a custom address, since it will probably be something like feeds2.feedburner.com (which the plugin does not yet support fully).

      Let me know if that does the trick or not. There have been some reports (see above) about it not working and then suddenly start working again … all because of stuff going on over at FeedBurner/Google’s servers.

      - Eric Marden

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  36. When I first downloaded and installed the plugin, nothing showed up (no flare links below my posts). I tried to figure out what was wrong, then gave up and went on to something else, but didn’t deactivate or uninstall the plugin. Then, when I looked at my site again today, the flare links were showing up. I was happy.

    But I went to feedburner to change a couple options (added a couple of flare items that I hadn’t previously checked), and when I went back to my site the new ones didn’t show up. Then, when I came back later, they were all gone again (no flares at all). I deactivated & reactivated Flare Smith, but no change. Any other ideas? Is there supposed to be a lag or disruption in the services while the changes take effect? BTW, I’m using the latest version of everything with an old school address.

      • Alright, well FWIW, the flares are back – including the changes/updates I made with feedburner. I guess the lag must be on their end when you make changes. Don’t know why the old flares have to disappear altogether, though. Anyway, thanks.

  37. Hi, I’ve had your plugin installed for about 2 months right now, I keep toying around with different options, but I still get no flares. I also have the official Feedburner plugin installed. Is that the problem? What could cause me to have no flares the entire time? If not, WordPress changed the posting place for the javascript, so where would I would post to get a flare?

    • Shana,

      You are configuring Flare Smith with too much of your feed URL. In your case all you need to supply is: shanacarp/JsGi as the FeedBurner Feed ID and set the FeedBurner Address to ‘Old School’.


      Eric Marden

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  39. I get the following error message when i update a page or post “Warning: Attempt to assign property of non-object in public_html/wp-content/plugins/feedflare/flaresmith-plugin.php on line 44″

    I’m not sure why and i’ve double checked all my settings.

    • This is really odd. The function that’s throwing the error shouldn’t even be running when you update a post or page. Seems like there is something else at play. Do you have plugins installed that modify the Write panels? Also, which version of WP and PHP are you using?

      Thanks, I’d like your help in getting to the bottom of this so that I can fix it.


    • I took a look at the plugin and found a way to refactor the code not to rely on the $post object. The plugin still works as intended, and may just address your issue. Upgrade to v0.19 and let me know if it sorts out the error its throwing on your install.



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  41. I’d like to suggest a feature. Could you please add two text fields to the configuration, one allowing us to add optional HTML before the JavaScript snippet, the other after it? This would make it easy to add formating to it, either directly or indirectly via CSS:

    Field 1:
    Field 2:


    • Thanks for the suggestion! I ended up adding a wrapper div with an unique ID and Class. This should allow you to style the output, without having to add additional features to specify it. Upgrade to v0.21 to see this new feature in action.

      P.S. – I thanked you and linked to you site in the readme.txt file :)

  42. Hi,

    I just downloaded and installed your software to WP.org, hosted by i-page, and I can see everything that I selected over at Google but no one else can. In other words Email, Digg, Facebook and etc. is underneath the text and above the comments box for me to view but no one else can see it. What do I need to do to correct that? Thanks so much for your help.

    I am using the latest version of Firefox on an i-Mac with a snow leopard platform.

  43. I installed on MU and on ONE blog it works great – both the “email this” and the “subscribe” link display properly.

    The other 5 or so blogs with the same theme and identical settings show ONLY the “email” link.

    It really makes no sense to me — appreciate any suggestions,


  44. I am having trouble getting Feedflare to work. I have account with feedburner.com and it all seems like it is setup fine. Nothing, however, is showing up at the end of my posts, but I am thinking that it is because I have not added the code on wordpress side. My feed seems to be fine, it pings and at setup. It’s not coming back with errors. I am trying to figure out where to put the code, but none of my wordpress wording is the same as what all of the examples are on sites. What the heck am I doing wrong…HELP!


    Version: WordPress 3.0.5
    Theme: Twenty Ten 1.1
    Site: http://www.kountryways.com
    Original Feed: http://www.kountryways.com/?feed=rss2
    Feed Address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/KWays
    Feedsmith FeedBurner Feed ID: http://feeds.feedburner.com/KWays
    using Old School

    • If you view source and search for flaresmith in the output and get a match, then the plugin is working and the problem is on feedburner’s side. Be sure you’ve turned on feedflare and checked off some options for stuff to put on the site (and not just the column of checkeboxes for the feed).

      If you don’t get output then the plugin has likely grown outdated, but I have a feeling that FeedBurner only supports feedflare on the feed, and not on sites anymore. I had another person report an issue and by all accounts it should have worked – but didn’t. I think they got rid of this feature and forgot to tell anyone or update their site to turn off the option to select them.

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