Of all of the open source tools out there, WordPress has got to be my favorite. It has a clean and well documented API, a slick Admin Console, and a development philosophy that matches my own. Its highly customizable and extensible, and many would argue, the defacto standard for blogging software.

In the course of working with this system, xentek has created a number of plugins, styles and themes to enhance and extend what this highly capable system can accomplish out of the box.


  • Metathesis
    Migrate your SEO metadata between one plugin or theme to another. Provide a framework for writing your own adapters.
  • XEN Carousel
    The balance of form and function. The magic of jCarousel Lite in your WordPress site.
  • Private Email Notifications
    Remove Email and IP address information from Email Notifications to protect the privacy of folks commenting on your blog.
  • HTTPS Stats Fix
    Fix the WordPress.com Stats plugin when your site is being viewed with SSL turned on.
  • FlareSmith
    This lightweight plugin is designed to help integrate the FeedFlare javascript snippet from FeedBurner into your WordPress site – without the need to edit any of your theme files.
  • K2 Hook Up
    The K2 theme provides a number of additional hooks into the template. If you’re handy with PHP you can easily add any manner of arbitrary content to these 7 regions. For everyone else, there is K2 Hook Up.
  • In The Loop
    Be in the loop! Easily add any HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP to the begining or end of a post. Great for when plugins forget to add this ability.
  • Posty Widget
    A custom plugin that will display dynamic text from the values you enter in special custom fields on a post inside of a WordPress Widget.
  • Mu-Helpers Helper functions to make developing solutions with WordPress MU or BuddyPress easier.
  • WP-Orphanage
    If you are using the shared table trick to link multiple WordPress installations together, then you probably have ‘orphan’ users. Users without out any role or capabilities assigned. This plugin automatically fixes this for you by promoting them to the ‘subscriber’ role in a couple of clever ways.


  • K2
    The spiritual successor to the “Kubrik” theme that ships as the default. Eric Marden is a core developer with the project and most of the themes we create are Child Themes of K2.
  • Shopp Architect
    A theme framework for the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Built using the Blueprint CSS 960 grid framework and loosely based on K2 and Thematic.

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