BarCampChaos @ CreateChaos ’08

The best conversations happen in the hallway.

BarCampChaos is a free unconference, open to everyone, that moves those conversations into the main room, and gives all campers the opportunity to lead a discussion, share their passion, and show off their work. BarCampChaos is a mini-BarCamp session being held at the CreateChaos conference on Monday, October 13, 2008, that will put these ideals into practice and share the open source unconference format with a new group of participants. Learn more, and add your name to the wiki if you are attending at the BarCampChaos wiki.

Join us at 6pm on Monday in the Grand Ballroom 8A at:

Create Chaos 08 at Marriott World Center
8701 World Center Dr, Grand Ballroom 7B
Orlando, FL, 32821

BarCampChaos is completely free, but we encourage you to register, as registered folks will be given a complimentary pass to the CreateChaos Expo Hall for Tuesday, October 14. Registered Campers interested in attending the other CreateChaos conference sessions can receive $200 off of the normal admission price by using this discount code: BARCAMP

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More about Create Chaos

Create Chaos features several unique industry conferences under one roof, at one time, and takes place Oct 13-17, 2008 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, FL. Create Chaos serves as a spark to ignite a new renaissance by bringing together creative professionals across industry boundaries including: graphic design, advertising, film and video production, animation, photography, printing, Web, and publishing professionals. Produced by Brahn Awards & Events and partners, the Create Chaos experience features the following conferences and events: The Creative Suite Conference, Printing+Paper+Packaging Design Conference, The Vector Conference, Stash Theatre, CreativeHeads Job Fair, The Web Design Conference, MGFest, The Pixel Conference, and more.

2 thoughts on “BarCampChaos @ CreateChaos ’08

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  2. The room number was recently changed to Grand Ballroom 8A. Some of the flyers are out there with the old room number. We’ll be fixing that soon, but please make a note of the new Room Number.

    - Eric Marden

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